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Overhead Silo

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Vince Hagan has a range of silos that will meet all your needs. We fabricate silos that are designed for each of our plants in-truss and overhead as required. We also supply a variety of auxiliary silos to match the number of cementious materials and production requirements of your plant. Our standard round silo is 11′-7″ diameter and is available in sizes from 200 BBL to 1200 BBL. Two compartment silos are available in sizes from 500 BBL to 1200 BBL. Split silos have double steel walls with channel separating the two compartments. These round silos have a variety of lower support structures available to help with the layout of the plant on even the smallest site. To solve the mystery of a BBL (barrel), cement was originally sold by the barrel (4 cubic feet per barrel, 94# per cu. ft. packed). The volume of a silo is in BBL or cubic feet, and due to the fact that cement is blown into the silo pneumatically the cement or fly ash becomes very aerated and takes-up more volume therefore we are only able to provide a range of how many tons a silo will hold.

  • Maximum capacity based on cement at 94 lb/cu feet.
  • Minimum capacity based on cement at 60 lb/cu feet.
  • Cement fully aerated @ 70#/cu. ft. — Unaerated @ 94#/cu. ft.
  • Fly ash fully aerated @ 55#/cu. ft. — Unaerated @ 70#/cu. ft.
Round Silo Capacity
  • 11′-7″ diameter single compartment silo
  • 105.3 cu. ft.per foot of drum length
  • 230.0 cu. ft. in the cone
  • 11′-7″ diameter two compartment silo split 60% & 40%
  • 58.9 cu. ft.per foot of drum length on 60% side
  • 38.9 cu. ft.per foot of drum length on 40% side
  • 27.2 cu. ft. in the cone on 60% side
  • 84.8 cu. ft. in the cone on 40% side
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