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Precast Batch Plants

The Vince Hagan Company can complete any custom Precast or Prestress job from start to finish.




The Fort Miller Co. Inc. recently decided to upgrade a 28 year old single mixer batching facility. The upgrade consisted of removing an old ribbon mixer and installing two state-of-the-art twin shaft mixers along with all the weighing equipment, etc. to support these mixers. The upgrade/retrofit work was to be accomplished with minimum interruptions (2 normal production days and weekends) to normal operations. Vince Hagan was chosen to perform the challenging project based on their commitment to schedule and understanding of all Fort Miller’s needs. As with most complex retrofit projects, there were unforeseen obstacles, but Vince Hagan was responsive and determined to deliver a successful project. The upgrade is now complete and Fort Miller is very pleased with the final product.

Jack Welborn

Manager of Production, The Fort Miller Co. Inc.
  • Precast Custom Install | Vince Hagan Concrete Products Plants
  • Precast Custom Install | Vince Hagan Concrete Products Plants
  • Precast Custom Install | Vince Hagan Concrete Products Plants
  • Precast Custom Install | Vince Hagan Concrete Products Plants


The Vince Hagan Company has been at the forefront of innovation towards batch plant engineering and design ever since we patented the first mobile batch plant in 1956. Our engineering team will design new or refurbish a customized batch plant to meet your company’s production and material handling requirements. We are the design-manufactured solution for customized precast, ready mix and paving plants.

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Precast - Custom Engineered Products Plants Batching Equipment


All batching equipment is manufactured in our 90,000 sq/ft. state-of-the-art production facility. Vince Hagan is the only producer of batching equipment that manufactures the full-line of plant units including silos, conveyors, paving mixers, and dust control. This insures proper interface of all equipment purchased. Vince Hagan has manufactured and delivered over 7,000 batch plants all over the world.

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Concrete Batching Equipment Production Facility in Dallas, TX


Our teams of installation experts can be on your site anywhere in the world to install or assist with the erection of your batching equipment. In addition, we will train your staff on all equipment operation and maintenance.

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Products Plants Batching Equipment Installed by Vince Hagan

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Precast Batching Plant

An Industry Giant – Precast & Prestress Producers:

Across the globe, Precast & Prestress operations are industry giants. The plant equipment required for day to day successful operation is a fundamental priority for all Precast & Prestress operations. Precast & Prestress producers can be credited for supplying the utmost critical segments utilized for world-wide infrastructure to include buildings, bridges, parking decks, road surfaces, retaining walls; just to name a few. The plants and batching equipment used to produce these critical pieces’ work double duty to create & provide consistency, efficiency and most important quality products.

A well-known source for these product plants & equipment is Vince Hagan Company located in Texas, USA near Dallas. Precast & Prestress facility owners rely on the expertise of Vince Hagan engineering team, providing clients with a specific type of batching plant that accommodates their particular processing needs. The Vince Hagan Company offers both mobile and stationary batching plants; which is extremely beneficial to any producer as the volume of construction and commercial structures continues to rapidly increase across the globe.

The Vince Hagan Company has the answer for specific site requirements for all concrete batching plant needs. Some processes may demand premixed plants (wet batch) and some dry batch. Facility managers who comprise most of Vince Hagan Concrete Batching Equipment choose the type of precast batching plant based on the volume (yd³) per hour to be produced.

What Makes Vince Hagan Precast Batching Plants Different?

After 60 years in the concrete plant manufacturing industry, Vince Hagan Company is a trusted name among many of the largest concrete producers known world-wide. When it comes to quality, Vince Hagan batching plants and equipment are manufactured using the heaviest structures and plate steel to insure reliability, durability and longevity. Perhaps, the significance of Vince Hagan equipment lies with the innovative designs that seamlessly fit most batching plant operations.

The Vince Hagan Company has the distinction and the honor of being the original designer of the mobile batching plant which their team of design experts developed in 1975. The mobile concrete batching plant was designed for a more diverse range of concretes and cement products and also includes multiple modules that facilitate the transportation of equipment segments to job sites.

With the convenience of greater mobility, a Precast or Prestress batching plant can be used in a wider range of configurations and locations. The Vince Hagan Company is known for the highest quality batching plants and equipment in the industry and due to the availability for factory direct pricing, the industry shall not compromise quality for cost.

The Vince Hagan Company also carries a full line of replacement parts like dust collector bags, jet pulse filters, and more. View our service & batching plant parts page for more information.

There are several precast & prestress batching plant categories from which to choose
  • Wet mobile batching plants
  • Dry mobile batching plants
  • Wet stationary batching plants
  • Dry stationary batching plants
  • Containerized batching plants
  • Tilt mixers
  • Twin Shaft Mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Dust Collection Systems

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