What are mobile batch plants?

What are mobile batch plants?2018-06-25T14:14:45-05:00
Vince Hagan started innovating the concrete batching plant industry by inventing the mobile concrete batch plant.

The mobile batch plant is a portable, productive, reliable, and cost effective piece of equipment used to produce batches of concrete at most any location. It was invented in 1956 by Mr. Vince Hagan and was patented in 1966 (U.S. patent #3,251,484) as a convenient alternative to stationary batch plants that cannot be moved easily. Because these plants are portable, users can easily transport the equipment to a new location and begin to produce concrete batches. Mobile batching plants can be used wet or dry, and has a wide array of configurations. Portable plants are the best choice for temporary site projects or even stationary locations where the equipment height is a factor or the required production rate is lower.

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