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Concrete Wet Belt Conveyor

Conveyors | Concrete Wet Belt
Choose the Vince Hagan portable wet belt conveyor is designed to move wet concrete from the Hagan Patented Horizontal Mixer into a customers waiting dump truck, ready-mix truck or agitator. The Hagan wet belt is a quick and easy way to charge whatever height vehicle is needed with efficiency and speed.
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  • 48” x 50’ deep angle truss design belt conveyor (600 fpm)
  • 50 hp belt drive motor, reducer with backstop and v-belt guard
  • 48” deep roughing CEMA C idlers with sealed for life bearings
  • 48” x 3-ply high impact polyester cord belting discharge hood to transit mixers, dump trucks or agitators
  • mixer charging hopper with skirt board assembly
  • single axle assembly with dual 11” x 20” tires, air brakes and running lights
  • includes electrical wiring with controls and motor starter in junction box mounted on side of conveyor
  • Pre-wired in EMT conduit to (NEC) National Electrical Code
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